Wallabout™ Strap

Wallabout™ Strap


Gunner ’s Daughter Straps are designed with the intention of variation and a sense of novelty in one fell swoop. One will find, at either end of the Wallabout strap, a Hook and a Shackle with a screw pin. These hardware pieces enable you to switch out your straps making your GD bag a truly unique bag for any style and occasion. Simply line up the Shackle on the side with the two eyelets and insert the pin and twist. Hook the other end through the single eyelet side and bon voyage! Wear one or collect them all to get the most of your GD bag. Stay in the current as more straps will become available to add to your cargo. 

The Leather strap is the original strap and is made from the same smooth, vegetable tanned leather as the Wallabout leather bag. 


Length 43”

drop length (when strap is attached): 

About 17” with 43” strap. 

1/2” width


USA veg tanned leather

Patented Brass hardware


Interchangeable strap attaches through eyelets on bag.

Made in USA: All components from the thread to the studs

Edge painted

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43" Standard Length