The Brooklyn collection represents not only the conception of the Gunner's Daughter brand, but also the underlying maritime inspiration of the brand. Brooklyn was the home of Gunner's Daughter for several years. It is a city that has one of the richest maritime histories of any American city. Much of the inspiration for the brand including the bag details you see on each scarf, like the hooks and shackles, are inspired by the industrial ports in Brooklyn, NY. The Gunner's Daughter Wallabout Bags are handmade in the Brooklyn Navy Yards, which can be found on the map. The map of Brookyn has small details like the primary color scheme, directly taken from colors found on hooks and machinery in Red Hook neighborhood. Can you find the the hidden image of the Brooklyn Bridge? Small details like these are what make the Brooklyn map a beautiful keepsake for anyone who has been enchanted by Brooklyn's past and present.