Golden Isles Silk Twill Scarf Preorder

GI SCARF resize.jpg
GI SCARF resize.jpg

Golden Isles Silk Twill Scarf Preorder


Gunner’s Daughter has ventured into a new ocean with the release of the Gunner’s Daughter Scarf Collection. We have taken the signature lining maps from our bags  and created a wearable, luxurious, and stunning piece of art. This collectible piece measures 38” x 38” and adds a luxurious and signature touch to any outfit. Wear it around your neck, as a blouse, or better yet on your GD bag. The Golden Isles scarf features the special edition map of Georgia’s Golden Isles by artist, Lane Ngo, with a border design featuring a few familiar touches. Collect and Enjoy!


  • 38” x 38"

Materials & Details

  • 100% Silk Twill
  • Designed, printed, and finished in the USA
  • Gunner’s Daughter Scarf Collection Authenticity labels
  • Copyrighted Gunner’s Daughter artwork
  • Dry Clean Only
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